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Right care, Right here

About Us

KHI is an initiative envisioned by a consortium of doctors especially Nephrologists to cater to the varied needs of renal failure patients.

Educating the patient about the nature of their disease, aiding them in deciding and pursuing the course of treatment, providing them with the facilities required, and financial assistance are some of the key components of this foundation

We, as your healthcare providers understand the difficulties patients face and hence are in a better position to help you overcome them on an individual basis.

In addition to being a clinical initiative, our academic prospects stretch towards training future specialists in the field of nephrology. We conduct online coaching classes for students time to time.

Training paramedical staff such as dialysis technicians and allied personnel which we provide helps in the betterment of technical knowledge, upgrades skill and adds experience which in turn benefits our patients and the society

Prabhu Kanchi

MD DM ( Nephro )
Consultant – Nephrology and Renal Transplant


” Healthcare could be the responsibility of the government but health as such is the responsibility of the individual.

There are inequalities in Accessibility to Healthcare, mainly due to economic reasons but there cannot be inequalities in information to health & disease and especially inequalities in the quality of care.

KHI is driven by the vision of bringing equality in information and quality of care. In vast country like India achieving this is hard but not impossible and KHI strives to bring down this gap. “

Dr Neelamekam Kapali

Professor and Head
Department of Laparoscopy and Minimal Access Surgery
Fortis Malar Hospital, Chennai

” In our country, each year nearly 2 lakh patients end up in severe kidney disease every year and only 10 K get kidney transplants rest remain in dialysis. Access to dialysis has improved significantly in the recent years but far few transplants happen mainly because of poor knowledge, lack of accessibility to affordable and quality healthcare. We are committed to address this. “

Dr Mariappan Murugan

MD (Radio )
Professor and Head
Department of Radiodiagnosis
Velammal Medical college Madurai


” Kidney diseases are major killers. There are limited treatment options for CKD but these diseases are easily identifiable and very easily preventable. KHI is committed to spread knowledge and awareness about kidney diseases and build a better India. “

Kidney diseases are becoming major killer disease in India. Many Kidney ailments are unfortunately chronic, affects not just the body but also the morale of not just the patient but the entire family.

Fortunately, most of the kidney diseases are totally preventable and controllable if diagnosed early. Awareness is the key.

KHI aims to

  • Spread the awareness about screening for at risk population
  • Diagnosing early
  • Appropriate diet advice 
  • Delivering timely intervention

KHI handholds patient and family at EVERY STAGE OF THIER ILLNESS and guides them towards HEALTH.

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Our Services

Support for Family

Mr.R unfortunately expired during hemodialysis. His kids could not continue education as he was only earning member.

KHI supported the family with financial support for School Education.

Service during Covid Pandemic

Covid wave 1 hit our country badly. KHI distributing food for the poor during lockdown.

Wellness Programs

Free mass screening to check for kidney diseases, diabetes and hypertension.

Free Laparoscopic Transplant

Transplants are still unaffordable for many. KHI is committed to provide standard of care and Quality of transplants for even the underprivileged.

Organ Donation Awareness

Tamil Nadu is the Leader in Organ donation. Donation numbers are still low.

Organ donation awareness programme for healthcare workers and general public.


Dialysis technicians and Transplant Coordinators most vital role in Kidney patient’s life and health.

KHI empowers and encourages these professionals for their selfless service.

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Paediatric Kidney Transplant

Financial help from KHI through crowd funding for Paediatric Transplants.

Financial Help for Medical Care

KHI supports medical treatment for poor in corporate hospitals even for ailments unrelated to kidneys.

Transplant Team

Internationally Trained Robotic Transplant team delivering world class services to all- unaffordable and underpriviledged

Rural Health Camp
Community Service
Dialysis Training
Faculty Training
World Kidney Day
CME Programme
Experts Talk
National Competition

Fund Raising Art Competition for School Kids


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